Day 27: Heroes & Villains / WDW-40, 2016

Day 27 of WDW-40, the latest of my Disney Trip Reports, is here! Today we headed over to Epcot for a last day at the Food & Wine Festival, before we went to Hollywood Studios for the evening.

If you haven’t read my pre-trip planning report yet, why not have a quick read now to bring you up to speed about who we are, and why this trip report is called WDW-40! You might also want to start reading from the beginning of the report!


Day 27: Club Villain

Epcot / Hollywood Studios / Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular
September 30th, 2016
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We started our day off at Epcot with me buying a new set of Ears – with a purple bow! It was the first time I had seen this kind for sale and they had to be mine! We had planned to go around the Food & Wine Festival one last time for this 2016 trip.

Before heading into World Showcase though, we lined up at the Epcot Character Spot to meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy (I’m sure Donald Duck used to be there back in the day); and then lined up again to meet Baymax. Neither were too long a wait.

Meeting Baymax was awesome – he’s so squishy! FYI, if you want to fist bump with him, make sure you tell him as he can’t see very well!


Me & Baymax

Us & Baymax

Imagination - Epcot


Mexico Pavilion

After getting our character fix, we ventured into World Showcase for the last eats of Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2016. It was a chance for us to enjoy some of our favourites from the festival – and try a few new ones we had not had the chance to yet.

Along the way we popped into the Bijutsu-kan Gallery in the Japan Pavilion, which showcases Japan’s kawaii culture – which I just adore – I am a sucker for anything cute!

Torii Gate at Epcot