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Back To The Magic - Disney Trip Report 2013

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After 3 fab weeks in Orlando, we are back home to reality and time for me to start writing up my trip report for our August 2013 trip back to the Magic!

If you are new to my trip reports allow me to introduce my family to you, or for this trip report, the cast!

Me – Michelle…36 years old (for a few more days yet anyway!) and a plus size chick. I include a ride size guide in my reports for those of you out there who might be worried about fitting into rides. I actually ended up going back to Florida bigger than our last trip, but still seemed to be fine. I am currently a size UK28. I am also crazy about taking photographs, I took over 7000 of them on this 22 day trip!

Hubs – Steve…40 years old and his main aim is to eat ALL the American food! On his list this year was turkey legs and dole whip! The holiday pack horse I’m afraid, holder of sun cream, ponchos, water, tickets and money! Also the videographer this time around!

The Boy – Liam…14 years old, and still just as excited to be going back to Orlando for our second visit. Luckily, not too stroppy of a teenager, but likely to get X-Box withdrawal symptoms!!

I’ve written all about us and our plans in my Back to the Magic Pre-Trip Report which will bring you up to speed 🙂


I often get asked about my trip report photography, so here is all the info you might need! Any questions, please feel free to message me – there’s a form in the sidebar!

I took this year’s photographs predominantly on my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200, as well as a few on my iPhone5 (all of those are on my Instagram). Waterpark/pool photos were on my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. I won’t be sharing all 7000 photographs – many will see the recycle bin! All the photos I do share will be in my Florida 2013 Flickr Collection.

Hubs did videography this year on a Panasonic Lumix V720. I’ll be uploading videos to my YouTube Channel.

Any photo editing is done with Paint Shop Pro X3, Photoshop CS5 or Camera+ app.

And if that’s not enough Disney trip reporting for you, there is also The First Time, August 2011 trip report, as well as our Disneyland Paris August 2010 trip.

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