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Day 6 – Fine, Fancy, Fun | Part 2 | Halloween in the Wilderness 2015

Kona Cafe (TS Breakfast) | Silver Creek Springs | Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue (Dinnershow)

Continued from part 1…
October 28th, 2015

After our breakfast at Kona Cafe, and a loop on the Monorail, we drove back to Wilderness Lodge to drop Liam off – he didn’t want to come shopping with us. So Steve and I headed out, I didn’t buy too much from shops offsite this year, other than some magazines, and a few cooking ingredients that we can’t buy here in the UK. I do plan on doing a Disney Merchandise Shopping Haul video very soon (got everything ready to film, just need to do that!) and when I do, it’ll be over on my YouTube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe!)

There was still some Halloween bits and bobs in the shops – mainly candy and cake! It would seem late August is the best for Halloween stuff in craft shops in the USA – by October, it’s shifting to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We returned home and since the rain had cleared up, went for a dip in the Silver Creek Springs Pool. Of course, we first had to drop all our stuff up to our room, and found that Mousekeeping had left us our first towel critter! We think it was a bunny, or maybe a bird – what do you think?! These are not always left – depends on the Mousekeeper who services your room. We got them quite a few times, which was very cool, and a sweet touch!

Mousekeeping Towel Critter

Down to the pool – we found that at the closest end of our floor’s corridor was a staircase that if you walked down took you outside and a short walk from the Silver Creeks Spring Pool, which was very handy!

We splashed about, went on the slide, and generally had a fun couple hours in the pool. We heard the Fire Rock Geyser going off behind the trees – I just managed to catch the top of the spout of water. It’s sad, but we didn’t once actually get to see it go off from the little walkway nearby – something to do for sure on another trip!

After pool time, we went up to our room to shower and get ready to head over to Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds for the dinner show Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue.

Concluded in part 3…

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