Day 26: Waking The Dragon / WDW-40, 2016

Walt Disney World Sign

Back home at Animal Kingdom Lodge: Kidani Village, we hung out in our room for a bit, looked down at the animals on the savanna, and waited for the sun to start coming down.

I love taking photos of clouds, the sky, sunsets, sunrises… the sky just fascinates me so much. I especially love the clouds in Orlando – they’re feel so big compared to here in the UK

We were going to Animal Kingdom to specifically see the Tree of Life Nighttime Awakenings and so had to wait for nightfall. This was new in 2016 – and the first time that Animal Kingdom had been opened to guests in the evening. I was very excited to see the Tree of Life come to, err, life (!) and also to see the park in the dark.

We also had a little bit of a wander into Africa and watched some performers singing, dancing and playing instruments which was very entertaining, but didn’t do much else. I think rides were open – I really can’t remember. Although I do remember it being really crowded, and with low light, it does make getting about quite tricky – especially on an ECV where people don’t notice you most of the time during the daylight. I’m so mindful of hurting someone I’d rather just back off and come back another time when it’s less crowded.

Animal Kingdom - African Performers

Animal Kingdom - African Performers

Approximately every 10 minutes, flickering fireflies magically appear and stir to life the wondrous animals spirits carved into the tree’s towering trunk—bringing to light a stunning visual swarming with vivid color and animated imagery.

Gaze upon a graceful young doe embarking upon a thrilling journey. Behold love blossoming between a pair of hummingbirds. See a spry fox spreading gifts of love among the denizens of a wintry forest. A feast for the eyes, each revelation celebrates the eternal balance and harmony that exists in all living things, big or small, and is sure to inspire and delight the entire family, big and small.Walt Disney World

The Tree of Life Awakenings - Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life Awakenings - Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life Awakenings - Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life Awakenings - Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life Awakenings - Animal Kingdom

I adore the Tree of Life during the day, but seeing it come to life with all the lights and projects was just magical! I really did have to wing it when it came to taking photos of it because I really am new to using a DSLR and not sure of what settings are what for different conditions! Although, they’re not too bad at all and you get a feeling of what the Nighttime Awakenings look like.

Our day ended with us grabbing some take-out dinner from Bahama Breeze (again!) This time we went to our regular restaurant on W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. Animal Kingdom is near to Sherberth Road which is a cut through to the 192, making it really quick to nip here and grab take out.

Bahama Breeze »


Me: Firecracker Shrimp – Buttermilk battered and crispy fried with Sriracha aioli. ($10.99)

Bahama Breeze - Firecracker Shrimp

Him: Conch Fritters – Original Key West-inspired recipe. ($5.99)

Bahama Breeze - Conch Fritters

Main Course…

Me: Applewood Bacon & Cheddar Burger – Applewood-smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese, crisp pickle slices, vine-ripened tomato, shaved red onions, Bibb lettuce, on a toasted brioche bun ($11.29) with Caesar Salad – Crisp romaine, classic Caesar dressing, croutons and Parmesan cheese. ($5.49)

Bahama Breeze - Applewood Bacon & Cheddar Burger

Him: Black Bean BBQ Burger – Glazed with our signature guava BBQ sauce and served with melted pepper jack cheese, guacamole, vine-ripened tomato and Bibb lettuce on a toasted brioche bun. ($11.29) with Bahamian Seafood Chowder Bowl – Classic creamy chowder with shellfish and vegetables. ($5.49)

Bahama Breeze - Black Bean BBQ Burger

Bahama Breeze - Bahamian Seafood Chowder Bowl

Bahama Breeze, 8160 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

Bill: $50.54 + Tax: $3.54 + Tip: $8.92 = $63
TiW Discount: $n/a

Total Paid: $63

As I said, we ordered food to take home to our resort – Bahama Breeze supply everything you need – napkins, cutlery etc, and we have found that they package the food up really well so it’s not all falling apart by the time you get home. Normally we would eat in, but we were too shattered to bother!

Food is always good in our experience. Looking back I’m surprised I went for a burger as I don’t often order one. The firecracker shrimp though – yum! – my favourite!

We clearly avoided dessert since we had sugar overload earlier in the day with those milkshakes!

Tomorrow we spend some time at Epcot and then head over to watch the Star Wars fireworks at Hollywood Studios, as well as visit Club Villain!

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