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Disney ZBox Unboxing | Limited Edition (of 500)

If you follow my YouTube channel, you will know that I LOVE subscription boxes. Of course, if you don’t follow me (head over now, and please subscribe!!) you won’t know that information; but yes, I love subscription boxes. My sister told me about this limited edition Disney ZBox from Zavvi, and I immediately ordered one.

The limited edition Disney ZBox had a run of only 500 boxes, and I was pretty excited to see what would be inside such an exclusive box. My initial reactions were of much excitement, but on reflection, I’m not so convinced. I have added on some thoughts at the end of this video, which is worth reading through.

In my mind, if something is classed as limited edition, then it has to be spectacular, spectacular. And really, this one wasn’t… especially when I started to work out prices of things – I would say it was just about the value of the box. I always try to find a positives within negatives when it comes to unboxing subscription boxes, and the items weren’t bad – the first thing I unboxed was pretty awesome, and I still love it!

Zavvi’s description of the box:

Take a magical trip to Wonderland with this fairy-tale of a ZBOX. Your happily ever after is guaranteed with this Disney-themed special edition. It’s a box that’s bursting with classic Disney inspired products from some of the favourites franchises in the Disney vault. You’ll have to be quick and work your magic as this ZBOX is limited to just 500 units! … Buy now, the start of your very own ‘once upon a time’ awaits…

I can’t say I felt any of the above with the items that were actually inside.  To me the description hints of Alice in Wonderland, Princess merch, and Classic Disney… oh well, always the chance you take with subscription boxes…