Day 12: A World Of Food / WDW-40, 2016

As I write this up, it looks like we just ate at booth after booth after booth – which we did, but there were gaps in between of generally hanging out and having a laugh. An adults only trip to Walt Disney World is very different! Next up… Germany!

Germany »

  • Roast Bratwurst – Served in a Hard Roll ($5)
  • Schinkennudeln –  Pasta Gratin with Ham and Cheese ($3.75)
  • Apple Strudel – Served with Vanilla Sauce ($3.75)
  • Total: $12.50

The bratwurst to roll ratio was all wrong. The bratwurst was delicious, the roll was just boring – it was one of those rolls that you can buy 10 for a quid in Tesco! This would have been a lot nicer in a pretzel roll. The Schinkennudeln was my favourite. I got to eat this one all to myself as Steve isn’t a big fan of cheesy pasta dishes, where as I, love ’em. If I can find the recipe for this, which I’m sure I will be able to online, I will be making this again at home. The strudel was okay, nothing special, have eaten nicer strudels in our time.

Roast Bratwurst - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Schinkennudeln - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Apple Strudel - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

By this point, Chris and Meg had separated from us to go and do their own thing, and we didn’t see them until the next day. If going as a group, I think this is the best way to do things, that way the different parties don’t feel like their missing out on things they might want to do that the others don’t. For us, Walt Disney World is home, so we take things more relaxed, and not in a rush to see everything, but for them it was their first innings.

We wanted a break from the sun, so headed into The American Adventure, just as Voices of Liberty were finishing their set.

Voices of Liberty - The American Adventure

Costumed in finery from the 1800s, Voices of Liberty is an exceptionally talented choir of a cappella singers that performs in the pavilion rotunda throughout the day. This beloved 8-member group stirs hearts and lifts emotions with each performance—while the rotunda’s acoustically perfect dome amplifies and purifies the sound. You won’t believe your ears! – Walt Disney World

Voices of Liberty are truly amazing to listen to, and I always get goosebumps when I hear them sing. I was gutted we’d missed most of the set, but we did manage to hear America the Beautiful which I just adore. I’m not an American, but it brings a tear to my eyes when I hear it.


The American Adventure is a 30 minute show, bringing the history of America to life through audio-animatronics, film, and music. It is led by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain who tell the story from the landing of the Mayflower, the penning of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, and the Great Depression, and meeting such luminaries John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Teddy Roosevelt, to name but a few.

This show isn’t for everyone – kids will probably find it boring, but we find it fascinating. I personally love history, and American history is not something we ever studied in school. Whilst I’m sure this shows the great American side of things, you can’t help but feel patriotic for the Americans as you watch it – they just have that way about them don’t they?!

The American Adventure - Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain

The American Adventure

The American Adventure

With the show over, we ventured back out into the light, and into the Japan Pavilion for a spot of shopping in the Mitsukoshi Department Store. I absolutely love this shop, but then, I am obsessed with anything Japanese! Whenever it rains at Epcot, we have always found ourselves in this shop, which is handy because it is so big, with lots to look at!

Japan »

  • Grilled Spicy Edamame – Tossed with Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce and Chili Powder ($4.75)
  • Garlic Shrimp – Marinated Shrimp sautéed with Garlic and Butter and served over Rice ($6.95)
  • Pineapple Breeze Sake Cocktail ($8)
  • Total: $19.70

We loved Japanese food, and eat it often. Edamame are immature soybeans that you eat by sucking the beans from the pod. They’re served in sushi bars sprinkled with salt and are delicious. The chili powder had a real kick, and wasn’t evenly spread, making some beans a bit more harsh than others; and honestly for nearly five dollars, the portion was tiny. The garlic shrimp on the other hand was nice, but a shame that there wasn’t more sushi on the menu. The other item, which we didn’t bother with was Spicy Sushi Roll, as we had that last year, and wasn’t that impressed. The cocktail was nice, but it did look like a glass of cleaning fluid! 🙈

Grilled Spicy Edamame - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Garlic Shrimp - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Pineapple Breeze Sake Cocktail - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Epcot Food & Wine Festival

By now the heat had gotten the better of us, so we decided to start making our way back to the front of the park. But not before a few final tastings! We picked up a dish from Brazil that we really enjoyed last year – Crispy Pork Belly. This is so good! The pork is so soft, yet has a crunchy outer texture, and it pairs perfectly with the black beans. The tomato and onion salsa add a nice freshness. Another favourite for us.

Brazil »

  • Crispy Pork Belly – Served with Black Beans and Tomato  ($5.50)
  • Total: $5.50

Crispy Pork Belly - Epcot Food & Wine Festival


Greenhouse Guru »

  • Heirloom Tomato Salad – Served with Goat Cheese, Aged Balsamic Vinegar, and Micro-Basil  ($4)
  • Total: $4

Our final food stop was at the new Greenhouse Guru hosted by Village Farms, a greenhouse grower based in Florida. We kept it light and simple with a tomato salad, which was simply divine. I do love a good tomato salad, and this was it.

Heirloom Tomato Salad - Epcot Food & Wine Festival Greenhouse Guru - Epcot Food & Wine Festival