My Disney Pin Collection – Part 1

I’ve been collecting Disney pins since our first trip to Walt Disney World in 2011. I thought I would do a video showing them all to you! I decided to cut the video in half, after recording, so it ends rather abruptly, so apologies for that!

I don’t have that many, as they aren’t cheap (the price varies on them, but they start around $8 I think, sets can be $30 or more!), but I do buy several each time we go to Disney! I’ve always been a collector of things, and love that it’s a collection that I can always  have on display, as they’re all attached to a pin board that I have by my desk.

I shouldn’t have looked at the Disney Store website – both UK, and US… one because I see they are selling pins, but also because the US site is selling a monthly subscription box, which doesn’t ship outside of the USA… 🙁

Are you a collector of Disney pins?