Day 7: Disney Resort Christmas Tree Trail Part 2

Day 7 of Hibiscus & Holly At The Poly 2017, the latest of my Disney Trip Reports, is finally here! Today we had breakfast at Kona Cafe, did a spot of shopping, as well as more Disney Resort hopping to see the Christmas decorations. In the evening we had Thanksgiving dinner at Liberty Tree Inn at Magic Kingdom and watched the Happily Ever After fireworks.

The Trip Report Index tells you a bit about the planning of this trip, as well as some info about me and my family (the Cast Members!) In short you have me, Michelle; Steve, my husband, and Liam, my son. It also, of course, has the full list of days for Hibiscus & Holly At The Poly 2017.

Day 7: Disney Resort Christmas Tree Part 2!

Breakfast at Kona Cafe / Polynesian / Shopping at Super Target / All Star Sports / All Star Music / Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern / Happily Ever After Fireworks

December 13, 2017
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Today was a rest day of sorts in that we didn’t go to a theme park for a full day – but we did actually do quite a lot!

The day started with breakfast at Kona Cafe, followed by some shopping at Super Target (which is one of my favourite stores when we visit Orlando!), as well as visiting more Disney Resorts to look at their Christmas trees and decorations.

In the evening we had dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern, and ended the day with the (new, at the time) Happily Ever After fireworks show. More on all that later, but first – breakfast!

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