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Day 11 – Eat ALL The Food | Part 3 | Halloween in the Wilderness 2015

Ireland, Canada, France, Belgium, Japan, Italy, Brazil at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival | Yorkshire County Fish Shop (CS Lunch) | Eat To The Beat: Boyz II Men | Roaring Fork (CS Dinner)
November 2nd, 2015
Continued from Part 2…

Final bit of foodie heaven coming atcha in this part of Day 11! With food tried from the Italy, and Brazil Booths, as well as Liam noshing on a funnel cake. We also saw Boyz II Men perform on the stage as part of Eat To The Beat. We did have a meal booked at Via Napoli, which gave us priority seating, but we cancelled that in the end, as wanted to eat our way around the festival (and that we did!) We were still able to see the stage, and of course hear them!

Table of Contents

Italy Booth

Ravioli alla Caprese Cheese Ravioli, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Basil – $6.00

Ravioli alla Caprese - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Filetto di Pollo con Funghi al Marsala Chicken Tenderloin, Cremini Mushrooms, Marsala Sauce, and Ciabatta Bread – $6.00

Filetto di Pollo con Funghi al Marsala - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Cannoli al Cioccolato Chocolate-Covered Cannoli filled with Sweet Ricotta, Chocolate, and Candied Fruit – $4.00

Cannoli al Cioccolato - Epcot Food & Wine Festival


Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Brazil Booth

Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans and Tomato – $5.00

Crispy Pork Belly - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Cocada Brazilian Coconut Candy – $2.00

Cocada - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Looking back at my spreadsheet for where we spent our money on this trip – yes, I do that! How else can I remember for these trip reports?! – I can see that we used 3 snack credits for the food from Italy; from Brazil we paid cash, and for Liam’s funnel cake we also used a snack credit, which I am sure is a new addition.

We bought the crispy pork belly again from the Brazil booth because we enjoyed it so much when we visited before. The little coconut cake was all for me, as Steve despises coconut!

Chocolate Funnel Cake - Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Boyz II Men were fab – I absolutely loved these guys when I was a teenager, having many of their singles on 7″ vinyl (remember those!) and would play their album endlessly on my Walkman (ditto!) I thought we had some video of them singing, but looks like we don’t. What a shame!

By now, Liam was really getting bored, and as I mentioned at the very start of this day, he wanted to just get the bus back to the resort, and we’d follow later. I decided we would all go home, and so we bade farewell to Epcot World Showcase and took a Friendship Boat back to Disney’s BoardWalk.

W sat around and enjoyed the atmosphere over there and took a quick look inside BoardWalk Bakery. We then drove home, where, despite what looks like tons of food eaten during the day, we picked up a snack from Roaring Fork and brought it back up to our room. I couldn’t tell you exactly what we had, but here are the rest of the pics. And those cupcakes, oh my gosh – Disney make the best cupcakes!

We’ve not been in our room at this time before, as we could hear loud music, and wondered what on earth it was. Leaning over the balcony, we could just see the Electric Water Pageant going on! Awesome way to end the day!

Disney BoardWalk

Electric Water Pageant

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