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Welcome To Disney Tips & Trip Reports!

I started this website because of my love of Disney, and our family holidays at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

For years I’ve been sharing my trip reports on my other website – The Purple Pumpkin Blog, as well as hundreds of other posts about Disney.

It felt like the time was right to move that content over to its own space, so, was born!

Read more about my family and me here!

So, what’s the plan for Disney Tips & Trip Reports?

Well, let me start by saying, that starting a new blog from scratch is hard!

Not because I don’t have the ideas, but because I know I’ve got so much Disney stuff over on The Purple Pumpkin Blog, that I have to move over.

It’s going to take me an age to do that, so I’m going to combine that content, with new content:

  • Walt Disney World – covering everything I know about WDW!
  • Trip Reports – these are essentially my diaries for all of our Disney holidays (Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and Disney Cruise Line).
  • Planning + Tips – my pre-trip planning reports, planning tools, and lots of tips.
  • Freebies – printables, phone and desktop wallpapers.
  • Photography – tips, my favourite photos, and themed galleries.

I wanted to get this site up and running as soon as possible, so at the moment, some of the links are pointing to my other blog.

Some links are not working yet, but I have them there for structure, and you’ll be able to see from those what sort of things you’ll be able to find here.

Please do bear with me in the first few weeks of this new site, as I make tweaks and make things go live!

Most of my social media will remain the same, as it’s all me anyway! But I do have a dedicated Instagram for the new site. Please follow Disney Tips and Trip Reports on Instagram too!